What Are Carpet Tiles? How And Where To Use It?

The carpet tiles are nothing but a square piece of carpet (That often comes in standard shape of around 16″ to 24″ square, but its measurement can be changed easily according to the need) that is stuck to the floor with the help of specially formulated adhesives and it does require the help of professionals. This carpet is also known as modern time carpet because of its versatility. It offers the same soft look and feel that the traditional carpets offer. But, it is way more versatile and chic. It comes in an array of colors, materials and styles. And the good part about this tile is that it can be installed in any desired way. With this high quality vinyl planks DIY, it is very easy to create unique designs and patterns with little effort. It can be used in house, at commercial places as well as at the outdoor portion of the house.

How these carpet tiles are installed?

These tiles are really easy to install and it does not require professionalism at all. Depending on the tile, there are various methods of installing the carpet tile is present.

The self-adhesive tiles are installed by simply removing the backing of paper and placing them, wherever one desire for.

The one that needs glue are installed by applying carpet tape at both the side before placing it on the floor. Specially formulated glue is used to stick it.

Another one comes in which the tiles are connected and it is and not stick on the floor.

Both the home tiles and the commercial vinyl tiles are made of recycled and renewable materials. They are available with all the leading carpet supplier and come in a range of styles and colors. Here the options are endless.

Benefits of using the carpet tiles

The biggest benefit with this carpet is that the individual tiles can be replaced and removed when get dirty, stained or damage.

Where it can be used?

It can be used everywhere, to cover floor surfaces that are large in size like entire room. It can also be used in smaller areas. It can be placed at the entryways and it will work as an alternative to doormats or small rugs. It can be placed on stairs to create stair runners, etc. The carpet that can be used anywhere to attain the desired look of the house.It comes in different types of material like Nylon, Polypropylene, that can be dyed to get different colors.